Where Have I Been???

Nowhere special or exciting. :/

Things have finally settled down around here.  No more runs to the E.R. or admits to the hospital for the hubby thankfully.

He’s currently on his 6th week of no chemo.  He’s probably going to have to start up again soon, not that he’s doing a lot of coughing or anything, but I’m just

more scared about the possibility of things starting to grow back a bit too much.  His Oncologist said there’s not too much of a chance that they will go wild in regards to regrowth but he also doesn’t think that there will be much regrowth at all during this time off, which is good…we trust him, so we’ll take his word for it. 🙂

Other than this, we’ve just been taking things slow and day by day.  So, let’s hope that he will continue with his eating and hopefully getting up and doing more since the weather is getting better and he has all of his portable goodies that he can take with him…his 4-wheeled walker and his little O2 bottle and carrier.  Then maybe he can get back to chemo in a couple more weeks since the doctor is afraid that with him being so far down, after three rounds of this very potent chemo, that if he goes back too soon to receiving any, it will either put him back in the hospital for a lot longer than before or it could even kill him…believe me, this is NOT what we’re wanting.  

So, the longer we can get away with him not having any chemo and the more he works on eating and getting his energy up, the better.  This protocol is working and very well at that to shrink the tumors in his lungs but it also scares me that if he goes back too soon, it’ll just be too much for him and he won’t end up surviving it.

So many worries about this whole ordeal but if anyone can come through it, my husband can do it.  I have faith!!


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