Not So Much Back To Normal….

Well, wouldn’t you know it?  The so-called going back to normal for a family that has a loved one battling cancer didn’t last very long.

My husband is BACK in the hospital.  Thursday he had an appointment to have an Echocardiogram done in order to make sure his heart was doing okay.

Halfway during the testing, the nurse hops up, tells us she has to go check his chart for something and then moved so quickly out of the room, she practically kicked up a breeze as she darted by me.

Next thing we knew, the Cardiologist came into the room, asked us which hospital we preferred and then proceeded to tell us that there is fluid in the sac surrounding Troy’s heart.  He didn’t say if there was a lot but we figured that with how everyone was acting, that there must have been a significant amount there.

Go figure….

So, the nurse comes back and finishes the Echo, which took only about 5 more minutes.  Then we headed on over to the hospital so Troy could be admitted in order to get ready for surgery the next morning.

Friday morning comes, the surgeon comes in and talks to us, going over step by step of the procedure and making sure we understood everything.

What they were going to do was to make an incision under his sternum, go in and make their way up towards his heart, cut a couple of holes in the Pericardial Sac and drain off whatever fluid is present.  Those two ‘windows’ as they called them, will stay open in order to allow the fluid to automatically be drained away from his heart since this is going to be a repeating occurrence due to the cancer and the chemo that Troy is going through.  

They also made another little hole beneath the incision to place a drain tube to allow whatever fluid remains to drain on it’s own.

Well, the surgeon told us that when he’s gone in and drained fluid from around hearts before, he usually takes off 30cc’s (a cc-cubic centimeter is the same as a ml-milliliter) or less…this would equal to the size of a medicine cup, so imagine that and anywhere from a little bit in that cup to being completely full is what the surgeon said is what he normally would take off of a heart.

Wouldn’t you know it?  MY husband just HAD to do more than that!  The initial drainage during surgery amounted to 700cc’s…yes, you read that correctly…700!!!  If you take a 24 ounce soda bottle, this is about how much he had drained off of what was around his heart initially.  Then to top it off, when he left the recovery room and made it back to his room on the Oncology Ward, they drained off yet another 300cc’s (=’s to 10 ounces), so in total Troy had over 1000cc’s of fluid drained from the sac around his heart…that is equal to about a quart of milk!!  Can you IMAGINE having that amount of fluid crushing a human heart?  My husband literally could have been sitting there talking to us or laying in bed next to me sleeping and then without warning just DIED!!  This was the scariest thing I had ever had to hear and/or imagine!

Luckily he did NOT leave the kids and I.  He’s still in the hospital though.  I miss him so much.  This is the second time in a week and a half that he’s been away from us…stuck in the hospital. 😦  He received two units of blood last night because he was a bit anemic.  This also is due to the chemo wreaking havoc on his body.  

He’s unfortunately had yet another problem pop up.  Yesterday the poor nurses kept running down to the room to check on him because his heart rate kept jumping up to the 150’s and reached even higher, to the 190’s.  So, the surgeon thought it could possibly be that the drain tube may have migrated up a bit and was touching or just too close to his heart, so they removed the tube.  For about 3 hours there was nothing wrong then all of a sudden, while he was just laying there talking to me, the nurse came running into his room again.  He had jumped up past the 150 rate yet again.  She put in a call to the surgeon and next thing we know, Troy was hooked up to a Magnesium drip and given a beta-blocker which was supposed to slow down his heart rate.  So far, so good.  Only bad thing is that he just seems too sluggish.  I don’t know if it’s just because of all that’s been going on, all the meds, the anesthesia, the anemia or if there’s something else going on.

This cancer has sure proven to be a formidable foe for my poor husband.  It’s just been one obstacle after another but we’re coming through them, one by one and Troy has done well with taking on all these small battles…but he still has a long way to go before he can finally win the war against this cancer.  If anyone can do it, I have faith that he can be the one.

I have no clue when he’ll be able to finally come back home.  We’re thinking maybe today but not totally sure considering how he’s been feeling as of late.  He’s not wanting to stay there but also not wanting to come home if things aren’t taken care of with him 100% and then goes downhill once home and then ends up back in the hospital again.  So, we will see how this goes today. 


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