Back To Normal….Sort Of….

Well, my husband finally back it back home after 5 days in the hospital.  It’s been really nice having him back…I sure did miss him!  He had a bit of pneumonia going on which of course is expected with cancer patients on chemo.  His Oncologist prescribed him some antibiotics for this week and today he ended up having some I.V. fluids administered.  Hopefully he’ll start to feeling better so he can continue with his chemo which is supposed to be given on Tuesday but he’ll more than likely end up having to take a bit of  break…maybe a week, in order to let his body try to recover because we sure don’t want him to get chemo again, become even sicker than what he was before and then land back in the hospital.  

Which is why I listed this post as Back To Normal….Sort Of.  Normal would be no more cancer but since this isn’t possible now, the routine of taking things day by day, dealing with all the bad parts of cancer and chemo and treasuring each day is what is now our normal. :/


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