Hello everyone.  I just thought I would fill you in on why I’ve not posted anything as of late.  My 45 year old husband of 17 years was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and has been receiving chemotherapy since May 2011.  Well, due to the chemo…this is the third protocol he’s on, in other words, this is the third type of treatment.  This protocol is very potent and believe me, he’s paying for it.  He’s not been feeling well lately, besides the effects of chemo and the cancer in general and when we went in Tuesday to see his Oncologist, the Physicians Assistant that saw him told him he felt the need to get him admitted into the hospital for fear he may either have pneumonia or some other type of infection with how he was feeling given that his immune system is so low due to the chemo.  

So, Tuesday afternoon, my husband was admitted.  He’s still here but may possibly be able to go home tomorrow.  I really hope so because the house just isn’t the same with him gone.  It’s become harder on the kids mainly because of that…him being gone, so the sooner we can get him home, the better we’ll all be.  Troy, my husband, actually asked me if I thought the I.V. pump and the I.V. bags would fit in my purse so we can just take it all home…lol.  

Anyway, this is why I’ve not posted anything here recently…not to mention the connection here at the hospital is awful!!  It’s taken me 20 minutes just getting to this page to leave this post!!!  Now, I wonder how long it’s going to take for this to actually show up!!!

Well, I will return to getting more goodies posted once I can get him home and things in this thing called life, return to as normal as they can possibly be with a loved one fighting the dreaded, awful disease of cancer. 🙂  


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