He Found Me On His Doorstep….

Okay..figured it was time for a tiny bit of background information and the most simple of it all, is how Troy and I met.
To start things off,  I had a Friday off of work including a free paycheck.  No bills due, nothing.  I was also in a couple of local plays at the time and I needed to look for something for one of my characters to wear, so I needed/wanted to go clothes shopping :)  *CHARGE IT!!!!* 
I had figured I would run by my friends new place that she moved to in order to see if she would like to join me.  She gave me the address….told me her cousin lived in the apartment above her but didn’t tell me which door to go to….when I got there, it was a house that had been turned into two apartments and the damn place only had FOUR doors for me to choose from!
I tried looking through the windows to see if I could see her or at least to figure out which door I should go to.  I decided to try the door on the side of the house.  Found out it was the wrong one…go figure….the story of my life. :/

Well, I knew she was home so I just kept knocking on the door I chose. The next thing I know, I see someone walk around the back of the house.  He stops dead in his tracks and I pretty much freeze mid-knock and get this sheepish grin on my face…I could feel the blood rush to my face, I was blushing!!!….WHY?  I have no clue….all I know is that this guy was the most gorgeous thing I had seen in a loooooong time and here he was staring at me with a cute little grin of his own!  :)

We both just kind of stood there and stared at each other for a few seconds and then he eventually was able to ask me if he could help me….AHHHHH!  He spoke to me!  He asked me if I was looking for his cousin…..I gurgled out a ‘Yes’…then I did the school girl thing and giggled….WHAT?!?!?  I’m a freaking moron!!  I’m thinking to myself that this hottie must think I’m a total idiot!!  :roll:

He just smiled at me and told me he was her cousin and his name was Troy.  I remember smiling and send him a quick wave…duh…and said, ‘Hi…I’m Shannon’.  *dork*  Well, he informed me I was standing there knocking on HIS door!!  I was like, ‘WHAT?  This is YOUR door?  I’m so sorry…I had no idea which door to go to, there are a few to choose from!’  He said it was no biggie…he had just gotten off of work and before he crashes, if I wanted him to, he would go up and get the spare key for her place and let me in.  I said sure if it wasn’t a problem…he said it wasn’t, so I figured why not!   So, he comes back down with the spare key, we go into her place and find her passed out in her bed.

He wished me luck and said that if I wanted too, since he knew it took her forever and a day to get up and moving, that if I wanted to come up to his place to wait for her, then for me to just come on up and if he was asleep in his chair, to just wake him up.
I was like….uh, okay….yes, I giggled again.  *WHAT’S WITH ALL THE DAMN GIGGLING I’M DOING?!?!?!??*…bleh!

Well, after about 15 minutes, I got her to wake up.  She asked how I got in, I told her but for the life of me I could NOT remember his name!  I had never heard the name Troy before….ever!  So, I kept forgetting it!  I think she started to get ticked off at me because I kept asking her what his name was but oh well…lol.

I told her he invited me upstairs to wait for her and she said fine….she’d be up shortly.  So, I headed back around to the wrong but right door and headed upstairs.  Where was he?  Asleep in his chair like he said he would most likely be…lol.  I leaned over him a little….I remembered his name….finally and said it…it woke him up.  He opened his eyes and just smiled at me :)  I quickly backed away and he told me I could sit down and make myself at home.

Well, this was July 08, 1994. 
We started dating July 09, 1994.
We were married July 29, 1994.

Yes….20 days after meeting, we got married.  No, at the time it didn’t seem like it could be love with it being so quick but I CAN admit that there was a strange feeling about him that I had.  Nothing bad in ANY way…just that feeling of comfort….happiness….security….warmth….every time he called me or I saw him!  We were drawn to each other, for some reason.  The feelings I felt towards him were very strong….btw, HE is the one that asked ME to marry him.  Like I said, there WERE some major feelings, feelings I had never felt before.

We’ve been married for almost 18 years.
It hasn’t all been good…way more bad than good but we’ve made it through it. 
How’s THAT for persistence!!



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