Peace 4 Troy

This page has been set up by me, Troy’s wife to try and raise funds to help out a little bit in regards to his final expenses.  In all honesty, this is not the easiest thing for me to do because I feel bad about having to do this for many reasons.  First and foremost, I don’t like asking people for money.  *don’t ask my parents about that though…lol.*  Secondly, I know people have lives and families of their own to take care of.  Thirdly, because if things would have gone the way we had originally planned and  hoped, it never would’ve come to this.

Troy was starting a new job with a new company that was very widely known as well as had excellent benefits, not only for Troy but for the kids and I.  They offered great health insurance, as well as life insurance, 401K and vacation time.  Unfortunately, Troy was formally diagnosed with cancer soon after starting this new job and the effects of it quickly started to cause trouble with his work performance and he wasn’t able continue with his new job and was just a few days shy from completing his probationary period, so none of these benefits were ever able to get started.

This in turn led to our family of 5 trying to survive on his disability payments.  We only have the medical card because according to Public Aid, he makes too much for him to qualify for any other assistance.  Troy had continued with chemo for almost a full year, with mixed results here and there as well as a multitude of other complications due to the cancer and the chemo.  He had been in the hospital 3 different times in a span of 3 months.  After this last hospital stay, he was too weak and had pretty much given up the fight and could no longer continue with chemo.  

Due to no longer being able to fight, the cancer has spread quickly and is causing my husband’s time to come a lot quicker than we had all anticipated.  In all honesty, I figured we would have a few more months of having him with us which would hopefully give us enough time to try and save up a little bit of money, as much as possible with as little as we have left over after paying for bills and food that is, but I was hoping we could do this. With the aggressiveness of his cancer, as well as no more chemotherapy and how everything else is going, it looks as though his time could be within the next week.  

You may be asking yourself, ‘Why haven’t I asked for assistance from his family?’.  Well, I have and needless to say, they ripped me apart, calling me any and every name they could possibly think of and refuse to pay out even a penny for the final expenses.  I’ve contacted his mother and received no reply, as well as reached out to his three adult children and received nothing but an earful, which needless to say, will NOT help out at all financially. 

So, now the only other avenue I have is to ask those of you that are generous enough in nature and wouldn’t mind helping out a family that you do not personally know, that’s about to lose the base of their family.  I am not only losing my husband of almost 18 years, but our children, ages 16, 13 and 10 are losing their dad.  This is hard enough to deal with but now with no resources of our own to handle such a crucial time as this, considering all the savings we had needed to be used for bills, medications and co-pays before the medical card was received, we are at a total loss and are in need of some help and in a desperate way.

I can, in no way, offer payback except for expressing my sincere thanks and appreciation for those of you that found it in your hearts and souls to help out my family in such a sad time.  I have set up a PayPal account just for this reason of collecting donations in assistance with Troy’s final expenses.  Please click on the PayPal button below and it will *hopefully* take you to the appropriate payment page (opens in new window).  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I will be happy to answer them, if my brain works well enough to do so.  It’s pretty much turned to mush due to lack of sleep and such emotional and mental strain as of late.

Thank you one and all for taking the time to not only come to my site but to this page and hopefully being able to donate.  Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.


~Shannon Leigh


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