DIY Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes its hard to find bulb ornaments in the right color. You walk up and down the Christmas decor isles hoping the perfect coral red or mint green will appear. You feel despair as you walk past ornaments in lime green, forest green, emerald green etc.

Well forget waiting for manufacturers to make the color ornaments you want! Make them yourself. Here’s how:

1. Head to your local craft store and purchase glass bulb ornaments and acrylic craft paints in your dream color. It may be a good idea to buy nonflammable brands of acrylic paint so read the labels!

2. Pour a liberal amount of paint into glass bulb.

3. Shake, roll, twist, and turn your bulb ornament until paint has coated the entire surface. You may have to pour more paint into the ornament as you shake and color begins to spread!

4. Allow ornament to dry for 24-48 hours. You may want to place your bulb upside down for drying so excess paint can come out.

5. Replace the top of ornament so you can hang!

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