A Cute Dental Health Activity!

Published February 21, 2013 by mytimewellspent

February is Dental Health Month and I have a super cute activity you can do with your kiddos!  Teaching kids to properly floss and brush their teeth is such an important lifelong habit!  Today we focused on flossing our teeth with some Mega Building Blocks and play dough. 

Start by putting play dough into the middle of the “teeth”.  You will also need a piece of thick string, a shoe lace or a piece of yarn to act as the dental floss.

Next, teach kids how to properly hold the string and then gently wrap the floss around the index finger.  This is such a great way to show kids how to carefully floss and clean their teeth.

Now the fun part…start flossing those teeth!

So here is the plaque…YUCK!  On a side note, if you keep the play dough in the blocks overnight, it will harden.  This could also be a GREAT lesson to teach how food left in between your teeth will turn into plaque and harden over time…which is why we need to floss on a DAILY basis!

So much FUN!

I found this at:   http://moffattgirls.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-cute-dental-health-activity.html

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